23 January 2013

A note on hat sizing

Hi cool fans,

I have had a few questions about the sizing of Meys Made hats so I thought I would show you how the sizing works on WHO head circumference charts.

My sizing is based on the 50th percentile line, however there can be a huge variation in head circumferences at each age. When you order from Meys Made it is always preferred if you give a head circumference so I can make the hat perfect. However, I understand that this is not always possible.

Please use these charts as a guide in selecting the size of your Meys Made hat. Crochet hats will stretch beyond the size indicated on these charts, however the height of the hat may start to become too short if this is the case.

For newborn and 0-3 months sizing (click on the chart to enlarge):
The newborn sized hats are mainly for photography prop purposes, a 0-3 month hat will last your kid far longer.

For 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 1-3 year, and 3-6 year sizing (click on the chart to enlarge):

I can make hats to fit a larger than 52cm head circumference, however this will incur an extra charge to cover the greater use of yarn and labour.

Hopefully this information helps you when purchasing from Meys Made. Remember there are two ways to order your Meys Made cool crochet:
*  By contacting me through our facebook page www.facebook.com/MeysMade
*  24/7 shopping and orders at www.MeysMadeCoolCrochet.etsy.com

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